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My team and I have been in Hong Kong for 7 days now, and oh man, how I can see that my Jesus is constant. In every time zone, in every country, in the midst of every people group, Jesus is constant. He is a constant comfort, a constant friend & a constant joy.

Here in Hong Kong, we are taking suitcases full of Bibles across the border of HK into China. China does print Bibles, but 70% of them are exported and the amount actually given to the people is quite insufficient for the growth rate of Christians among the Chinese. House churches are much more prevalent than the actual “registered churches”, and only registered churches are able to (sometimes, maybe, if they’re lucky) get Bibles. All this to say, this ministry is so necessary and wonderful. I am thankful to be a small part of what they’re doing. So far (we still have 2 more days), my team alone has taken in around 1,600 Bibles. That’s 1,600 people who might just have a reaction like this:

I want to share with you a few of my favorite moments in this country and the ways I’ve seen that Jesus is constant.

* So, they tell us in training for this Bible run thing that it’s pretty unlikely we’ll be stopped by the Chinese guards, but even if we are, what we’re doing isn’t illegal. The government just doesn’t like too much of anything going in because they think you’ll make a market out of it. So, they told us if we were stopped with Bibles, they’d just tell us to take some out and we could go on with our day. Well, guess who gets stopped the very first time? Your homegirl… me. Immediate thoughts: did I not pray enough? What did I do wrong? How did I stand out? Why me? Little did I know, God had his own sovereign plan that I was able to be a small part of.

When I was pulled over, the guard told me I could take in 10 Bibles only. So, as I’m taking out my “excessive” Bibles, he bends down and genuinely (not in an interrogating tone) asks, “why are you doing this?” I told him: “Because it changed my life and I want to share it with other people.” I asked if he had ever read it and he nodded his head. I assured him there is truth in it, but then we had to part ways. I was/am so burdened for him in my spirit because I really believe he is searching for truth. Even in getting stopped by the guards, a “failure” in some peoples’ eyes, Jesus was at work in sharing truth with this man. Pray for him, church. He is loved and pursued by the Holy Spirit and hopefully one day we will see him in the Kingdom.

So, Jesus is constantly at work, even when we think we’ve failed.

* The ministry doesn’t do runs through the border on weekends, so on Saturday & Sunday, we had team time to do what we wished. On Saturday, we went to a beautiful waterfall in another city. It took us about 45 minutes (and lots of sweat) to hike up to the waterfall, but oh my how it was worth it. God is a really beautiful artist. The water was so clear and there was a base at the bottom of the fall where we could swim. We all loved the (freezing) cold water after such a long hike! But what was amazing was we sat at the base of the waterfall and sang worship songs. I remember specifically singing Revelation song. Singing the words “with all creation I sing, praise to the King of Kings, you are my everything, and I will adore you”, with the sounds of birds, insects and a roaring waterfall in the background was such a reminder that God is constantly worshipped by his handiwork. Whether in America, or in a waterfall in Hong Kong, he will be praised.

* On Sunday, we went to church with one of the full time missionaries here. Again, we traveled about 30 minutes to another city, close to the bay of HK. I was NOT expecting what happened while we were there. I don’t know if I’ve ever experienced the spirit of God in such a powerful and jaw-dropping way. I watched as people filled in the rows – people from all over the world, with different colored skin and different languages. It was a beautiful (tiny) picture of what heaven will be like. Then, we started worship. And immediately, the tears fell. It was so beautiful. The songs would start off in Chinese, and people all over the room would sing out and raise their hands to God. I had no idea what they were saying, but it was beautiful. Then, the song would have the same two or three verses in english. Well of course, I start SOBBING because I now know WHAT they’re singing. I cannot explain to you the beauty that I experienced but let me encourage you, Church, the same powerful, wonderful, majestic Jesus that you see in the states, is the same here. He is constant.

* Lastly (I know this is long), I have had to deal with the death of a loved one this week. Sunday morning, my mawmaw passed away. She lived a long, happy life, loving her Savior and I am so happy for her to be walking the streets of gold, but death is not easy thousands of miles away. You instinctively want to cling to your family, but I couldn’t. And although they seem harsh, I was comforted with the words of Jesus when he says, “let the dead bury the dead, follow me.” (Matthew 8:22). Follow me. So I chose to do just that. I chose to follow Jesus, seek his comfort, and let the dead bury the dead. My mawmaw is on her face glorifying our Maker right now… the last thing she’s concerned about is me at her funeral, what flowers she’ll have or what the food will be. But what she is concerned with, is missions. Seeing more people come to know and love Jesus Christ is all that matters. In the midst of it all, He is a constant comfort.


I love y’all so much. Thanks for bearing with me through a long and full blog post. I am thankful for all that I’ve learned in just 10 days of being on this journey. Your prayers, support and encouragement mean the world to me. Talk to you next week in India! 🙂

For His name,



  1. I am crying as I read this – what beautiful and brave experiences you are having! I will pray for that guard, that he was encouraged by your heart and words and that he continues to seek the Lord. I am praying for your sweet family and you as you are apart during this time. I love your perspective through all of these things and miss you like crazy. So many worship songs came to my head as I read about the waterfall… Would love to have been there. Love you!

  2. You and your team are drenched with the presence of God right now Amelia. Your faith and boldness inspire me and I know that The Lord is with you, keeping you safe and leading you through a challenging experience in order to share His word and His truth. Keep pushing and keep trusting. We all love you back here in the States. Can’t wait for the next update!

  3. Dear Amelia: I am Taylor’s Meme and I will be praying for you specifically in the loss of your mawmaw. May the Father comfort your sweet heart and bless you for being obedient to Him, and may He confirm in your heart that you have “chosen that which is good and perfect will of the Father.” Much love and prayers for His great work being accomplished by you and the Purple Team in China. Love in Christ, Meme Solomon

  4. Mel Mel! My sweet sister, I am SO encouraged by your blog! You’re truly living and walking the way Jesus would, with grace, fearlessness and strength. So proud of you and all the glory that you are bringing to God. I’m praying for you always. Love love love you.

  5. You are 100% correct about mama wanting you to continue on your journey as she has started her new life. She loved you dearly and was so very proud of your passion for missions. Thankful she shared in your spirit for the lost of this world. You were here when she was really here and that is what counted. She is smiling with Jesus at you, Aunt Donna

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